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Fire Dance Show
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Ways of Old

Pagan & Heathen Festival

28th - 30th June 2024

Peak District | United Kingdom












What's it all about then?

Sólskin - Ways of Old, is a festival in the hills of the Peak District! Our festival is designed to celebrate and honour the ancient Pagan traditions of our ancestors. During the festival, we will join together in a variety of rituals, connecting us to the old ways and bringing us closer to our past. Don't miss out on this unique and immersive experience.

Fire, fire and more fire!

"Sólskin," meaning "sunshine" in Old Norse, will have a heavy focus on FIRE! From torch-lit processions and fire dancers to fire-burning rituals and much more...

We provide a safe and welcoming environment for our guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of fire and its connection to Pagan history and culture.


Join us on Friday and Saturday nights in our fairy-lit tipis for a Viking feast to remember! Come feast with fellow Pagans & Heathens and toast to the gods with free-flowing ale, cider, and, of course, MEAD! We have seating for up to 400 guests next to our live stage, where musicians from all over Midgard will entertain you as you feast.

The feast is included with your weekend ticket!

The menu for Friday and Saturday will be different each evening and will include 1 meat option and 1 vegan option.



At Solskin - Ways of Old, we take you on a journey of music and culture that celebrates the old ways. Inside our 5 giant tipis, we showcase live performances on stage featuring some of the best pagan and heathen music from Europe and beyond!

Our festival has something for everyone, and for three days each year, we curate a special atmosphere and vibe unique to each day. Come and join us for a truly unforgettable experience!

What else to expect...

As well as all of that, we have even more to make your weekend one to remember! We have 2 bars in our tipis – Afon Mel with their amazing mead, and a local company, Intrepid Brewery, serving a variety of Ales, IPAs, and many other great drinks made in the Peak District. There will also be opportunities to add workshops to your weekend, as well as to join in with games and shop for wonderful gifts and treasures at our numerous traders! Much, much more to come...

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What's on...

What do we have planned for you lovely people?

Below is a brief overview of the weekend.


Fire Show: (Friday) The heart of the festival is the burning ceremony, a powerful ritual that embodies both reflection and renewal. Experience the burning ceremony, fire dancers, and more! (link)

Viking Feast: (Friday and Saturday) We have seating for 400 hungry heathens! The feast is included in your weekend ticket! During the feast, you will be served food-a-plenty and enjoy unlimited drinks! So, fill your horn with mead and toast to the gods! (link)

Live Music: Throughout the weekend, we have scouted the best talent from all over Europe to entertain you! (link

Traders: We have over 20 traders onsite selling treasures & unique items from all the nine realms (view traders)

Workshops: Throughout the weekend, there will be numerous workshops to help you learn new skills and understand how people made a living with their abilities during medieval times.  (view workshops)

Displays & Talks: Enjoy bird displays, bush craft talks, and many more to come. 

Rituals: Join Pagan & Heathen rituals and find places of worship in sacred spaces. (Ritual & Ceremonies)

Storyteller: Throughout the day, our award winning story teller Jason Buck who will be telling Norse, Pagan & Celtic stories. (link)

Ways of Old Village – Step into the past through our medieval village and see how they lived

Games: Take part in competitions to win prizes throughout the day, such as axe holding, spear throwing, and the "nail in wood" challenge.

Food Vendors: In addition to the feast, we have onsite vendors selling amazing food for everyone.

More to be announced....



The Solksin festival weekend will be a journey for all those attending.  Each day will have a unique vibe.  The festival is open to all Pagans, Heathens & Witches and suitable for families.


Friday – (Past)

On this day, we can remember our ancestors, lost loved ones, and/or let go of something.  It’s about honouring their memory and the impact they've had on our lives. But it's not just about looking back; it's also a time to let go of the past, releasing any burdens or regrets that may have been holding us back.  During the day, guests can leave messages in the sacrificial wooden animal.

As night falls, the festival takes on an enchanting atmosphere.  A torch lit procession to the rhythmic beat of drums, will encircle the ram.  As the flames reach for the stars a mesmerizing fire show unfolds casting shadows that tell stories of those who have come before, and those who gather now


Saturday – (Present)

Celebrations!  The beat of live music fills the air! It’s time to embrace the now, it’s a time to make new friends and new paths.  The people around you are no longer strangers, they are brothers, sisters in this new family!  Let’s celebrate this day together in a truly unforgettable experience for all.

More feasting will ensue, raise a horn of mead and Skol to your new friends and connections.  As the night progresses, so will the tempo of live bands!  Dance the night away and celebrate this new path we have started.


Sunday – (Future)

The energy is more relaxed compared to the vibrant celebrations of yesterday.  it's a day for contemplation, conversations about new paths in life, and the exciting journeys that lie ahead.  The music still plays a central role, but today's tunes are more mellow.  It's a time to pause, embrace the calm, and engage in conversations about new beginnings.

Where is it?

The Festival is located in the Peak District National Park Derbyshire UK.

Getting here by car

Parking is included in the price of your ticket.  To get here simply enter Sir William Hill Road, Grindleford into your sat nav, once here simply follow the signs to Solskin Festival

Getting here by train

Getting to the festival by train is possible by getting off at the Grindleford Station, from there it is a 45 minute walk!  Even though this is possible I wouldn't recommend it especially if you have lots of gear with you as it's mainly up-hill!


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