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Solskin Festival - Site Rules

By attending the festival you agree to the following site rules.

Tickets and wrist bands

Tickets are only sold on tickets for sale anywhere else are a scam, do not purchase from them!

All attendees, volunteers, traders and entertainers must wear a wristband at all times.  Wrist bands are given to you when you arrive on site in our ticket booth by a member of staff who will ask for your order confirmation number and name.  Wrist bands are checked everyday as you enter the main arena, please have these ready to check by our security as you pass through.

We reserve the right to deny entry to anyone we feel will cause a nuisance or danger to other guests at the festival. 

Dogs and pets

Dogs and other pets are allowed on site but must be on a lead at ALL TIMES including the camping grounds.  Mess must be picked up by their owners and put in the bins around site.  You are responsible for your pets behaviour, so, choose wisely if you choose to bring your pet to the festival, there will be loud music, large crowds, pyrotechnics, shouting and children onsite.



Our insurance allows campers to cook at their tents so long as the cooking device is off the ground.  Firepits are not allowed at your tent, please use the communal firepits around the festival.  Fire marshals & security will be patrolling the campsites to enforce this.


All tickets include camping for a tent.  There are limited motorhome / campervan / caravan tickets available for free but are limited numbers, add these to your basket when purchasing tickets if you need them!  We only have a limited amount of space so please don't arrive without a motorhome / campervan / caravan ticket.

No loud music at the camping ground and noise needs to kept at a minimum after 11:30pm.  Come and chat around the communal fire pits.

Our camping ground is sloped and uneven 

Please be considerate with your tent size, we have room for everyone but don't take the mick!

Cars are not allowed next to your tents, sorry.  The campsite is right next to the car park so you don't have to carry your gear far.

You are welcome to bring alcohol to the festival however, these can only be drank in the camping ground, do not bring these drinks into the main festival ground.  Security will not let you through!  You can purchase wonderful drinks at our 2 bars at reasonable prices.


No weapons that can cause harm! Imitation weapons made from foam / wood / plastic are allowed as these are not considered to cause harm.  Stalls onsite may sell weapons to you but these must be taken straight to your car, thank you.  Ignoring these rules will result in being asked to leave site by our staff or security without a refund.

Sale of alcohol

Alcohol can only be sold to or consumed by people over the age of 18, the bars may ask for proof of age if you do not look over 18.  

Alcohol can only be consumed by those over 18 including in the camping grounds

The bars / servers may refuse alcohol to anyone who is severely drunk


Only alcohol purchased from our bars can be drank in the main festival grounds, you are welcome to bring your own alcohol to the festival but please leave these in your camp.  Security won't let you through.

Smoking on site

It is against the law in the UK to smoke anywhere indoors, please only do this outside and be considerate when doing so.  This is a grass festival so do not flick cigarette buds on the floor, please use the sand buckets provided.

Children onsite

Families are very welcome at the festival, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and must be ticket holders wearing a wrist band.


We want to make this festival safe and welcoming for all.  Anyone found to be abusive, damaging property, severely drunk and or disorderly will be dealt with by security.  It is their job to keep everyone safe and if someone ignores the rules may be asked to leave site without a refund.

We will not tolerate any abuse, inappropriate behaviour, racism or snobbery to anyone on site.  Anyone ignoring this will be asked to leave site without a refund. 

Please respect our staff / volunteers we are here to make the festival great for all attending.

Other terms and conditions

Only authorised traders can trade at the festival by writing from us.

Solskin festival is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal property.

Solskin festival are not responsible for injuries caused by yourself or to others.  Respect all instructions by signage or staff at all times.

Solskin festival reserve the right to cancel the event and hold no responsibility for costs or expenses as a result of the cancellation apart from the refund of ticket price.

Solskin festival reserve the right to alter the date / time / event / programme with notice.



Any questions please get in touch at


Thank you and enjoy the festival 

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