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Fire Dance Show

Rituals & Ceremonies

Solskin Festival has many Pagan & Heathen Rituals planed.  They will be added to this page and the what's on page as and when they are completed

More to be announced...

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Nytt Land - Live!

Nytt Land's live performances are truly immersive experiences. Combining their music with striking visuals and Natalya's captivating stage presence, they create a ritualistic atmosphere that transcends the boundaries between performer and audience. Their concerts are an invitation to explore the depths of human spirituality and the natural world.

Meet the Rituals & Ceremonialist Team

Solskin Festival wouldn't be anything without the amazing team of Priestesses and Priest we have.  They will be holding various rituals, ceremonies and workshops throughout the weekend.

All rituals and ceremonies will welcome all paths and faiths in whichever deities you follow including Norse Pagan.

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