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At Solskin Festival we have the following workshops planned however, there are more workshops to be added so be sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date. 

Current ticket holders will be emailed if any workshops are added.

Saxon Forager - Butchery and Cookery Courses.

Join Craig Brooks - 'The Saxon Forager' - as seen on Channel 5 'The Vikings'.  Craig is the author of several cookbooks, and his own Youtube Channel and podcast.  Throughout the year he runs displays and cookery courses around the country in animal butchery and historical cookery.

Guests will have the unique opportunity to get hands-on and learn butchery and/or cookery by using historical cookware and knives.  You'll also learn how to skin a deer in the butchery course and learn about the surprising historical uses for various parts of the animal.

This is a unique course for a small amount of people so be sure to book tickets now!

Drum Birthing Workshop

Day: Sunday

Time: 10am till 6pm

No experience is needed as you will be guided all the way by Melonie.

Create your very own handcrafted drum using traditional materials and methods.  These workshops are not only a creative and hands-on experience but also a way to connect with the cultural and spiritual aspects of drumming in various traditions. 

Guests will be working in a small group led by Melonie Syrett aka The Drum Woman

Incense Workshop: Sensory Experience

Day: Sunday

Time: 3pm

Price: £5


Lead by Anwen Fryer


The workshop is approximately one hour long and begins with a 15-minute talk on the historical significance of incense in magical and ritual practices. Following the talk, participants engage in a sensory experience by burning 20 different herbs, flowers, and resins.


Each group then shares their blen between the number in their group for them to take away along with printed correspondence.

Aroma Incense
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Introduction to Tarot Reading

Day: Saturday

Time: Between 11am & 1pm.  (exact time tba)

Duration: 2hrs

Price: £5.50


Lead by Brian Harrison


This workshop will enable you become a confident Tarot card reader, free of needing to refer to books when reading the cards. We will learn how to access the archetypal meanings embedded in Tarot images. Special attention will be paid to common ‘stumbling blocks’ that people have with certain cards.


Free guidebook

Acat: Hand Poke Tattoos

Day: Pre-booked Sessions

"This is Aq'ab'al, from Poás volcano, Costa Rica I come from Mesoamerican Lands and Culture. I carry a tradition of Ancestral organic body art with me, a service given on a spiritual level and with an small intimate space between me and the person that feels ready to receive it.

All the product I use is completely vegan, biodegradable and natural. There is no plastic use in the process and there is zero waste at the end of the session, is a service that I like to give outdoors in nature close to a tree or a river or a forest... 

An experience of given ancient symbology for people that are going through transformative moments so the symbol helps them to connect with themselves or their ancient ones.  Highly directed to spiritual, vegan and eco friendly spirits.  A process of giving powerful symbology on a very aware state of mind where there are prana techniques applied during the session."

*Permanent Body Mark 🏺
*Ceremonial Outdoors Experience  🌬🍂
*Free of plastic Use ♻️
*Vegan, Natural and Biodegradable Products 🌱
*Zero waste 🚮

IG/FB/YouTube/LinkedIn: Acat Handpoke Tattoo
WhatsApp/ Telegram: +50685351944 📞
Twitter:  @acathandpokeink 
Personal Facebook: Aqab’al Meyah 

👉All bookings need to be made directly with Acat, 
👉A festival ticket is needed with your booking