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What's on at Solskin Festival 2024?

Here is an overview of what to expect over the weekend at Solskin Festival.  This page will be updated regularly leading up to the festival.

Summary of Events

We have a jam packed weekend of events for you here is an overview of what we have planned so far.  This page is subject to change.  Times to be announced!

​Also not forgetting our....

Viking Village!

Rune Readings!

Sheffield Goddess Temple!

The Myrkvidr Temple!

Food Traders!

2 Fully stocked Bars!

Gift shops and stalls!

Live Music

Live Music

Solskin Festival is a 3 day festival and each day has a unique vibe.  We have chosen the live music to follow this vibe putting everyone on a journey together!



At Solskin Festival we have the following workshops planned however, there are more workshops to be added so be sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date. 

Current ticket holders will be emailed if any workshops are added.


Handfasting of Georgia & Mike

Day: Sunday

Time: TBA

Everyone is welcome to witness the handfasting of Georgia & Mike.  Congratulate them and wish them well as they begin their new journey together x



A Pagan and Heathen Festival wouldn't be complete without the many amazing traders out there.  Here are who you can expect to see this year at Solskin Festival...

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