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Offer Skills / Volunteer!

Offer Skills

At Solskin Festival we want to create a unique experience for everyone however, we cannot do that without people and their amazing skills!  We are looking for people in the following fields

  • Traders (see trader application page)

  • Fire Dancers and entertainers

  • Demonstrators or workshops


We are looking for volunteers in many areas of the festival to create an amazing experience for all.  Instead of hiring large 3rd party companies, we would like to offer people the opportunity to volunteer at the festival in exchange for a weekend ticket and some beer tokens!  Please fill in the form if you wish to volunteer, there will be a minimum amount of hours spread over the weekend.  We need volunteers in the following positions... 

  • Festival construction and take down

  • Feast food and drink servers

  • Wrist band & ticket handlers

  • Qualified First Aiders & Fire Wardens

  • Other general volunteers

Volunteers need to be 18+ however, young Pagans can attend with volunteers but they must have a ticket to enter the festival.

Please fill in the below form with as much detail as possible

Thanks for submitting!

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