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Drum Birthing Workshop

Day: Sunday

Time: 10am till 6pm

Age: 16+

No experience is needed as you will be guided all the way by Melonie.

Create your very own handcrafted drum using traditional materials and methods.  These workshops are not only a creative and hands-on experience but also a way to connect with the cultural and spiritual aspects of drumming in various traditions. 

Guests will be working in a small group led by Melonie Syrett aka The Drum Woman

What is Drum Birthing?

The term "birthing" is the process of bringing a drum into existence, as if it were a new creation. 


To birth a drum is to rebirth yourself!

In this workshop guests will come together with others who hear the call and birth your own drum. Spend a whole day in deep connection to hide and hoop - cutting, weaving, binding and finally birthing your very own drum and beater.

Participants are guided through the process of selecting materials, preparing the drum frame or shell, attaching a drumhead, and tuning the drum.

What to expect...

We will begin by grounding and setting our intentions for the day.  From there we will choose our hoops, connecting to them and honouring them.

We will then spend time with the hides, seeing if they are ready and if they need anything from us before we begin the process of creation.

We then measure, mark out and cut the pieces before threading and weaving and binding as your drum comes earth side.

After making your drum, you will make a beater and then we will journey to meet the spirit of your drum and to hear its wisdom.

This is a full day and you will leave with full arms and a full heart.

No experience is needed as you will be guided all the way by Melonie.


Groups hold no more than 10 (unless specified)


Create a drum with a 4 strand handle with a central crystal (if desired).

Full festival ticket needed to attend workshop.

Workshop led by The Drum Woman



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