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Weekend Ticket (No Feasts)

Weekend ticket with no feats


Children 0-2 Years old are FREE to enter with an adult


What's included in your ticket?


  • 3 Days full access to the festival a weekend to remember!
  • Camping! Come camp with your fellow Pagans & Vikings, we will even have a communal firepit!

                          Free campervan ticket available here

  • Parking We have ample space onsite with secure parking and directly next to the campsite
  • Live music!  We have some great acts lined up for you!
  • Stalls! come and browse at over 20 stalls selling handmade treasures to take home
  • Fire! during the weekend we will have torch-lit processions, fire dancers and a fire ceremony
  • Rituals! and much much more to be anounced! 


At the festival, pagans & heathens can also purchase additional workshops on our site.  They are sold on a first come first served basis.  We are adding workshops all the time so follow us on social media to stay up-to-date!


Anyone purchasing tickets agree to the following site rules found here


Vibe of the festival


The Solksin festival weekend will be a journey for all those attending.  Each day will have a unique vibe.  The festival is open to all Pagans, Heathens & Witches and suitable for families.


Friday – (Past)

On this day, we can remember our ancestors, lost loved ones, and/or let go of something.  It’s about honouring their memory and the impact they've had on our lives. But it's not just about looking back; it's also a time to let go of the past, releasing any burdens or regrets that may have been holding us back.  During the day, guests can leave messages in the sacrificial wooden animal.

As night falls, the festival takes on an enchanting atmosphere.  A torch lit procession to the rhythmic beat of drums, will encircle the ram.  As the flames reach for the stars a mesmerizing fire show unfolds casting shadows that tell stories of those who have come before, and those who gather now


Saturday – (Present)

Celebrations!  The beat of live music fills the air! It’s time to embrace the now, it’s a time to make new friends and new paths.  The people around you are no longer strangers, they are brothers, sisters in this new family!  Let’s celebrate this day together in a truly unforgettable experience for all.

More feasting will ensue, raise a horn of mead and Skol to your new friends and connections.  As the night progresses, so will the tempo of live bands!  Dance the night away and celebrate this new path we have started.


Sunday – (Future)

The energy is more relaxed compared to the vibrant celebrations of yesterday.  it's a day for contemplation, conversations about new paths in life, and the exciting journeys that lie ahead.  The music still plays a central role, but today's tunes are more mellow.  It's a time to pause, embrace the calm, and engage in conversations about new beginnings.

Weekend Ticket (No Feasts)

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