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Swan Healing: Land, Sea, Sky & Spirit

Day: Friday

Time:  1pm till 2pm

Duration: 1hr

Price: £2.50

Older children welcome


Lead by Jan Muse


Would you like assistance in removing self limiting beliefs and energy blockages that are stopping you from reaching your full potential?  Are you feeling stuck or frozen somewhere in your life?  Do you tell yourself you are not good enough at something and give up or not even start?  Then maybe this workshop is for you!

Jan will be inviting you to look deeper within, by way of some simple soul journaling (please bring a notebook).  Together we will search for the "root" cause of your beliefs.  We will then embark on a guided drum journey with the beautiful swan as our guide.  Together we will travel through Land (our physical self), Sea (our emotional self), Sky (our mental self), Infinity (our spirit and true authentic self).  We will leave our self limiting beliefs and fears in the past and find the light of our true potential.  

This is a beautiful, deep healing experience clearing through all the realms.  Our intention is that everyone receives exactly what they need.

Swan Healing: Land, Sea, Sky & Spirit

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