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Afon Mel Mead Hall

Bob from Afon Mel Mead hall will be selling his mead in bottles and also providing the mead for the Viking Feast.

Here are a few words from Bob himself "Your quest for the finest Mead is over!  The Afon Mel Mead Hall is the legendary place where mortals and Gods alike can discover our premium quality, pure honey meads to slake their thirst.  Here at Afon Mel, we specialise in slow-aged, pure honey meads, melomels and methegins, all brewed on our idylic 40-acre honey farm, based in the beautiful west coast of Wales.  We spend half of the year tending to our 500 beehives and extracting their previous honey.  The other half of the year is spent brewing and bottling our fabulous artisan meads.  Our knowlege of honey, our passion for top-quality ingredients, and our insistence on maturation have resulted in creating the highest-awarded mead in the UK.  Our emphasis is on producing superior meads with a staunch commitment to quality resulting in products that are honey-rich with a real depth of flavour.  Truly the drink of the Gods.  You can visit us at our honey farm and taste our range of almost 30 different meads!"



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