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Saxon Forager


Location: Event Field

Time 10am till 4pm Friday & Saturday

18+ only


Full festival ticket needed to take part.


We have a unique experience for 10 lucky people!  Join Craig Brooks - 'The Saxon Forager' - as seen on Channel 5 'The Vikings'.  Craig is the author of several cookbooks, and has his own YouTube channel and podcast.  Throughout the year he runs displays and cookery courses around the country in animal butchery and historical cookery.


We are running 2 courses at Solskin festival.  This is the butchery course for Saturday only, the course runs from 10am till 4pm .  This is for 10 people per course only.


Butchery -  You'll get hands on with skinning and butchering a deer and then create some tasty food, using replica Viking and Saxon cookware and knives.  You'll also learn about some of the surprising historical uses for various parts of the animal, and the best ways to cook each part.

Cookery - Come hang out with Craig Brooks AKA Saxon Forager, author and podcaster.  Craig will demonstrate how to make some of the things from his Eat like a Viking! Cookbooks.  You'll get hands-on with basic fire lighting, making butter, cheese & flatbreads, also making sausages and whatever else we can fit into the day.  Come along and learn to Eat like a Viking!

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Saxon Forager



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